Customers have this to say:


"You don't know how much you're missing until you work with an expert!"

Garry Hollands
Econo RV Storage & Uplands Ranch


"Bev has a unique gift when it comes to entrepreneurial growth and success. She intuitively grasps the energy in a company and has the ability to free up funds and work hands-on with staff while identifying and solving critical needs. Bev's guidance and leadership is instrumental in taking any company to the next level."

Simon Billo, President
Simon Lift Systems Inc.


"Bev's vast knowledge, in all areas of running a business, makes her one of the best consultants we've ever had. She has exceptional finance skills and tremendous sales and marketing experience, making my company much more profitable and dramatically improving our operations. After ten years of trying to get to this level, I have finally reached my definition of success within my company."

Jeff Calibaba, President & CEO
Access Medical Inc.


"With Bev's sound advice, we have never felt more confident! Bev rolled up her sleeves on everything from cashflow and inventory to staffing and customer relations. She showed us how to free up money that seemed completely unavailable and how to communicate with our suppliers to build stronger relationships and credibility. Bev got us through the troubled times, pinpointing problems, recommending solid solutions and showing us how to run a smooth operation. Now the future has endless possibilities!"

Devra Leavitt, Manager
The Goalie Shop


"It is a privilege for me to write this note. Beverly Chinnery did work for our company, assisting us to develop a Business Plan and Presentation. She merged smoothly with the Engineering discipline and focused our market research and segmentation in a practical and direct manner.

Most of all, it was very pleasant to work with Bev, as she saw the humour in many situations. Her integrity during the project was outstanding. She kept within the agreed budget and timeframe – both aspects that we highly appreciated. We will strongly recommend Beverly at all times.”

Danie Malan Pr. Eng. (RSA), President
Malans Innovations Ltd.


“Thank you for taking the time to work with me. I sincerely appreciate and value the brilliant assistance you've provided. It is exciting to be proceeding with sales that would have otherwise been missed if we had not revised where the value is in my sales process!”

Ashley Dunfield, President
PetroQuick Ltd.
Affordable Petroleum Software


“In the course of working with Bev to develop a business plan I have realized many unanticipated benefits. Bev’s highly intuitive and insightful style of discovery revealed many details about my clients and my business operation that I had never consciously considered. This led to the development of a very sharp marketing plan. In working with Bev, I inadvertently gained a business coach as well!”

Gwen Hetherington, President
Design Plus Communications Inc.






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