Strategic Plans


The following strategies may trigger the need for a ‘strategic’ business plan or proposal. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your strategic requirements.

Corporate Strategic Planning
• Vision, mission, goals, objectives, action plans

Leadership/Management Strategy
• Leadership history, current beliefs/values, teamwork, management style

Product/Service Strategy
• Descriptions, analysis, 80/20 grid, profit points, quality vs quantity

Industry, Markets, Target Market Strategy
• Definitions, research, analysis, understanding placement, capitalizing on strengths

Competitive Strategy
• Definitions, analysis, understanding placement, competitive advantage

Marketing Strategy
• Image, branding, market communications

Sales Strategy
• Customer needs analysis, relationship building, sales contracts

Financial Strategy
• Pricing, sales quotas, budgets, projections, cashflow, cash management

Customer Service Strategy
• Beliefs, values, customer analysis and development, service standards

Operations Strategy
• Quality controls, distribution methods, inventory accountability

Human Resource Strategy
• Hiring practices, employee handbook, benefits, performance reviews,




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