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Business planning is a leadership process – gathering information, brainstorming ideas and concepts, and compiling data in a fresh, exciting and hands-on format that you can use to move your business forward.

It is about considering such things as strengths and weaknesses, competition, markets, customers and financial commitments; looking at your business from a variety of angles so you can move ahead with the confidence that comes with a solid game plan.

Whether you are in need of ‘Project Planning’ or ‘Strategic Planning’, business planning is about setting priorities, uncovering and solving problems, and creating the goals, objectives and action plans that can turn the future from a feeling of dread back into an exciting opportunity!

'Project' planning is immediate, usually with a timeline to accomplish a specific goal.

On the other hand, ‘Strategic’ planning is focused on the long-term future of your company, often best approached from a broad-picture point of view initially, with fine details added over time.

Your own planning experience, time availability, and need for details, will assist in deciding the best approach to take in addressing your planning requirements, ensuring that company-specific information is researched, gathered, brainstormed and documented in a workable format.





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