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Panterra Consulting is a Calgary company specializing in business plans, business operations and commercial loan proposals for businesses with annual gross sales ranging from $1 to $10 million.

The company provides expertise and working documents to business owners who are experiencing changes or growth in their companies and/or who may be considering approaching investors or financial institutions for funding.

Panterra Consulting is owned and operated by Bev Chinnery, an experienced business consultant with a background in commercial banking, insurance and finance.

Bev has dedicated her career to working with professionals and corporations since 1988 and was nominated 'Canadian Female Entrepreneur of the Year' in 1994. Her genuine interest in people, and a results-focused approach to business, has brought solid successes to her customers time and time again.

Bev's strength stems from the creative energy, focus and commitment that comes with twenty years combined accounting, insurance, banking, contracts and business consulting experience with hundreds of business owners in over twenty-five industries.

Her knowledge, training and experience include the following, broad range of business-related subjects. She also maintains a keen interest in the dynamics of world economics and trade.

• Business/finance plans and proposals
• Investor proposals/requirements
• Investor proposals/formats/presentations
• Corporate financial restructuring and turnarounds

• Commercial banking including commercial construction projects
• Proposals to buy or sell a business

• Sales/sales methods, sales/cashflow forecasts
• Marketing and promotions
• Market research
• Defining/marketing to target markets
• Customer service/customer relationships
• Communications

• Accounting and finance including financial statement analysis
• Project management, business contracts, legal documents, shareholder agreements

• Business operations including employee benefits
• Administrative efficiencies
• Personal financial planning/investments
• Wills and estate planning including estate settlement
• Life and disability insurance including insurance claims settlement

• Public speaking/presentations
• Board member/chairperson




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