The First Step


The first step in planning a project is to make a few notes regarding the challenge you are facing, the timeframe for completion, your available time commitment to the project and consideration of your budget availability for consulting fees.

You are invited to phone, fax, or e-mail to discuss an overview of your situation and/or set up a time for an introductory meeting. This is a complimentary meeting and may take up to two hours depending on the level of detail involved.

During the meeting a proposal outline will be used to discuss:

• The scope of the project and the phases of business planning that are required
• The best approaches for information gathering
• Required levels of work and time commitments
• Project expectations and
• Payment terms and conditions

The outline will assist in forming the basis of our working relationship, and in beginning  the process, based on an agreed upon working schedule. Solid initial meetings and a well-defined project focus is the best indicator of a great result!





Getting Started




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