Frequently Asked Questions


When do we need a business/financial consultant?

Bringing in a consultant can be time and cost effective in a variety of circumstances:

• When you need to complete a special project that is outside the ability, time availability or expertise of your staff
• When you need assistance in re-establishing the forward momentum of your company
• When you need a second opinion while considering a new direction or making significant decisions
• When you need an objective facilitator to work through a difficult issue with your team
• When you need assistance in identifying problems or challenges that the team has been struggling to resolve
• When you need fresh training, coaching or mentoring in bringing perspective to the staff and building positive team morale

When is the best time for the first meeting?

The greatest flexibility comes by holding the first meeting and starting discussions as soon as you know there will be a challenge ahead to be addressed. By talking early, we can plan ahead and plan around your schedule and your team’s needs.

What is the best way to prepare my team?

It is recommended to inform your team that you are bringing someone in to assist you with a specific project, and that it is a positive step for the company. This helps each individual to put their mind at ease and to feel comfortable in offering their co-operation.

How do we determine the size and scope of the project?

Business plans typically take between a few weeks and several months to complete, depending on the depth and complexity of the information to be considered. We will discuss your goals, and the capabilities of your team, in defining the size and scope of the project.

Is business planning an investment, or a cost?

Continuing to use your business planning documents to move forward and establish ongoing goals, objectives and action plans is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your company.

You may feel resentment toward the time and financial investment if you perceive the documents as a hassle that are "just completed for the bank". Of course, the best cure for this, once the wheels are turning, is to keep them in motion!

What is the range for business plan fees?

Whether your budget is modest or generous, the key focus is to work within your budget to solve the problems that need to be solved and to provide opportunities to continue to move forward using the foundation that has been created for you and your team.

In working hard to keep fees reasonable, each project is broken down into a number of phases and, based on your needs and expectations, these phases can range from basic to detailed, resulting in overall project fees that range from modest to significant. On large projects, fees may be agreed to on a daily, weekly, or monthly retainer basis based on the nature of your request and the time required to complete the work involved. An initial deposit may be requested from first-time customers.





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