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We salute you...serious, successful business owners who acknowledge and accept that an effective business plan is a critical step toward ongoing success.

You are the champions of operating companies, typically with gross annual sales between $1 and $10 million, in a cross-section of industries such as:

• Manufacturing and Distribution
• Transportation
• Oil and Gas
• Construction
• Communications
• Wholesale and Business Services

Whether you are growing, restructuring, refinancing or planning a start-up venture, you know that focusing on achieving your goals is a continuing process in moving forward.

Panterra Consulting is committed to providing ‘leadership in motion’. This means working with each customer in a manner, and at a pace, that is most comfortable for them.

Business planning requires time and energy. Setting a comfortable pace allows you to achieve your goals while continuing to honor and respect the needs of your team.

Our promise to you:

•To build a solid working relationship with you
•To maintain professionalism and strive for excellence
• To negotiate in good faith on your behalf
• To offer an unbiased "sounding board" for you
• To work and co-operate in partnership with you
• To maintain open and regular communications with you




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